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Personal Pages

Vampire White Pages

A listing of many of my brethering who
have set up 'shop' on the internet.

The Manus Nigrum

Here is a lovely sight for all you Black Hand
hope-fulls. Plenty of links to the darker corners
of the web.

B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness

An interesting place to if you need to find
links in the World of Darkness

Stranger than Angels

Trystan L. Bass,
the Toreador Web Mistress herself...
Gotta love her.

Lair of the Vampiress

An interesting page
revealing that many famous woman are truly vampires.

The Dark Side of the Web

If you are in need of finding more of our kind
here is a good place to look.

Clan Pages


The 'rulers' of the Camarilla.


Here you may find the startings of a Lasombra homepage.


It seems that the 'Sewer Rats' have also taken up residency
on the information highway.


Insanity is sometimes it best defence...
or it condemnation.

The Vampire's Crypt: Giovanni

Clan Giovanni at work making themselves
a name in this dark world.


Here are the Gypsies of our kind.


Hedonism incarnate. Interesting sight none the less.


Upster mages who are sinister and manipulative.


Loners from the wilderness' heart.


Rebelious anarchs who strive for freedom.

Daughter of Cacophony

The singing divas who are a bane to all Toreadors

Followers of Set

The snakes who dwell in corruption


The famed and feared 'Killer of Killers'.

For those of you out there who like fine print,
feast your eyes.