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Welcome to the domain of

Judus Nichodemus Terpesa


Greetings, dear traveler.

I welcome you into my domain.
Enter freely of your own will.
Angels & Devils know i would not want ANYONE here who didn't wish to be.

My name is Judus.
I am a proud member of the Tzimisce clan.
We, who are seen as cold, heartless monsters by the world.
Let them see what they wish, for i know what lies underneath
the skin of it all.

I am originally from what you in this
Geographically perplexed time would term


Oh, how my homeland was rich in all manner of things; ore, forests, wildlife...
During the time of my embrace i glutted myself upon it's great beauty.
Now, Chronos has seen to it that my land has turned into a great mire;
a land filled with poverty, strife and bloodshed.

Sometimes during the night i think back to my land,
and i weep such tears of blood as to not be believed.

I now dwell inside this gigantic place, this 'Inland Empire', as it is called.
-some claim that i have traded one cess pool for another-
As much as the above statement MAY be true in some cases,
I must say how much of a unbridaled rush it is to walk amonst you all,
in the center of all this humanity,
and still be undetected by your mortal eyes.

You see, to my kind, we are the great and mighty predators.
I have to say, your end of the stick is not so promising.
You my dear mortal, are sadly our prey,


if you will. Nothing more than a meal,
on the hoof.
Are you shocked? Please, spare me. Without my kind, you and all other mortals would simply go on enjoying life.
Your species would go unchecked, unrestrained, until this very planet would
wither and die under your feet.
We are the keepers of the ballance.

Clan Tzimisce

A little about my clan
to please and inform the masses


Here, dear traveler, are a few links outside of my domain.
Please, follow them with care... one never knows what is lurking just off the path....

How Amazing. You are theth being to enter my realm.

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